Monday, February 6, 2012

Hat-tournament gonna Hat

There was a paradigm shift tonight, a new zeitgeist if you will. The wind of change was blowing, a Jewish troubadour graced the fields singing "the times they are a ...becoming different"
What we put this change down to, I don't know, but it was like a heavy weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Was it a change in the season? A changing of the guard? …of my underpants?
Whatever the case, it seemed like tonight everyone was having fun.
At the end of round 2 we have a clear leader "I am number 4" and a clear fourth place who actually ARE number four "obstruction workers"

Osama Disc Laden vs I am number 4
The weapons of mass destruction were playing a savage 7 game, no subs.  I am number 4 had two subs and still some players who didn't turn up...  The score was close all game, No. 4 leading most of the way but Ladens catching up and evening out the scoreline at one point.  By half time the score was 8-5.  As the second half progressed, the score became even as Osamas got their second wind and as Doug put his jaw on the line proving one of the biggest defensive strategies of the night....  However, no. 4 got ahead again to win with a score of 12-10. 
Lots of layouts by those less intimidated people (...piva) which were even more impressive due to the slippery wet conditions.   Some impressive cuts by William and Kim contributed to our overall score. 
Number 4 played well. 

Obstruction workers vs f-bomb
f-bomb won. Obstruction came out slow again. May have won the second half, but was down too far from the first half. One must wonder how wonderful f-bomb will go when they lose the boy-wonder, Jamie MacDonald, to wanderings in Melbourne. Obstruction have a season long plan to be in the final and things are working perfectly so far.

Tonight has some…girl team on girl team action when osama and obstruction meet. On the other field double YY vs the pubonic plague.

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  1. fBomb got a plan. Their plan? Awesomeness. Awesomeness and XS Energy (Australia, New Zealand and America's most popular energy drink). Don't believe the Hype (cause they changed their name after a handful of gigs anyway) ... tonight's gonna be two fistfulls of awesome.

    You might be asking yourself: "what does this all mean?" My advice? Keep on askin'